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International and local students participating in research.

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Welcome to the Galapagos Science Center!

The Galapagos Science Center (GSC) was founded in 2011 between the University San Francisco of Quito, Ecuador and the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, USA as a hub to coordinate scientific research projects between local, national and international scientists to benefit the Galapagos and the world of science. We are the first and only academic research center in the archipelago.

About Us

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We are an international team with offices located in Chapel Hill, USA, Quito, Ecuador and San Cristobal, Galapagos. Learn more about our team and infrastructure in the About Us tab: Our team to meet our staff and Infrastructure to learn about lab resources and services.

Latest News

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Want to get involved? 

There are multiple ways to contribute to GSC research. Here are a few:

1. Do you have a research proposal? All project proposals are reviewed with local environmental and social science authorities to ensure they comply with research permit regulations. Please contact Ana Lucía Carrion, Assistant Director, Galapagos Science Center, Research Coordinator: acarrion@usfq.edu.ec.

2. Are you a faculty member wanting to co-teach a course on the islands or a student wanting to be a field assistant? We can help you explore options to integrate your skillset into our current projects. Please contact Silvia Zavala, Experimental Education Coordinator, Galapagos Science Center: szavalam@usfq.edu.ec.

3. Do you enjoy collecting data as a citizen scientist? We have several projects in Marine Ecology with a citizen science component. Please visit the Our Community tab to learn more or contact Daniela Alarcón, Special Education Projects Coordinator, Galapagos Science Center: dealarcon@usfq.edu.ec.

Sea Turtle Photo-Identification Project

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