The Terrestrial Ecology Lab at the GSC has been extensively equipped to increase the scope terrestrial, soil, and meteorological research as well as providing the most comfortable facilities and working space.

The services available are:

  • Use of materials and field equipment:
    • GPS
    • Bruno compasses
    • Brunton clinometer
    • Laser rangefinders
    • Binoculars
    • Traps for small mammals
    • Meteorological station
    • Chemical & dissection hood
    • Soil sampling kit
    • Soil coring kit
    • Soil pH meter
    • Soil penetrometer
    • Soil fertility kit
    • Digital depth sounder
    • Plant canopy analyzer to define Leaf Area Index (LAI)
    • Hand-held spectroradiometer (325 – 1100 nanometers)
  • Courses and training
    • Plant and soil sampling and measurement
    • Spatial structure and landscape ecology



For more information about our services, please contact:

Leandro Vaca

GSC Lab Manager