Endemic Gardens at GSC

Endemic Gardens at GSC

Going Even Greener… Literally!

In sync with our ongoing mission and responsibility of conserving the environment, the GSC is thrilled to be able to collaborate with likeminded individuals and groups. So far four endemic gardens have been planted by the USFQ Eco Club called Mar y Tierra .These students have created their own nonprofit organization, with the mission to create positive change with regard to the conservation of the environment of San Cristobal and the Galápagos.

Their objectives are to raise awareness about the importance of caring for the flora, fauna, research sustainable development alternatives and put them into practice.

They promote activities involving citizens working with the theory of teaching and motivating through example while also using information from scientific research to guide their projects.

The proceeds of certain activities, like these endemic gardens, provide sustainability for the clubs existence and allows them to continue to grow and strengthen their positive impact on the community and the environment.

Seminars for the Tourism Sector, Ministry of Tourism

Seminars for the Tourism Sector, Ministry of Tourism

The Dirección Técnica Provincial del Ministerio de Turismo en Galápagos identified the need to provide adequate training to the tourism sector. Through a coordinated effort with the Ministry of Tourism and the USFQ School of Business a seminar series was created for tour operators to strengthen their skills and abilities to improve all activities related to tourism service process,. The Tourism Service Training program was held at eh GSC beginning on October 22, with a duration of 64 hours spread over 16 sessions of 4 hours each. Modules included topics of Motivation, Career Self-Management Service, Customer Service, Understanding Patterns of Behavior, Effective Communication, Negotiation and Conflict Resolution.

The twenty one participants showed interest in the issues and their individual and group participation was very valuable. Seminar programs such as this are the driving force that will strengthen the business development sector, resulting in a range of high quality tourism services, to meet domestic and foreign tourists who visit the island province of Galapagos

Early Childhood Education, Workshops with IDEA

In order to show our genuine interest for community development and education, we kick started our program with a work shop for teachers and general public. Claudia Tobar, from USFQ´s IDEA, spent the weekend of July 22-24, 2012 connecting with local parents and teachers to offer them a new perspective on Early Childhood Education.

This workshop provided tools and strategies for teachers to achieve a higher reading comprehension level for their students, and to promote what an important habi reading is– explaining the neurological benefits of reading in the early years.

Claudia also pinpointed some myths and truths of early stimulation: Early stimulation is a term very common today in the development of children during their first five years. There are some myths about the benefits of educational services or products of teaching on this subject. Movement in the classroom was another focus of this weekend´s event. Recent brain research reveals the importance of movement for a more meaningful learning. This workshop tries to spread the spirit of action and movement in the classroom taking into account differentiated instruction.

The relationship with the Galapagos community is very important

The relationship with the Galapagos community is very important. That is the reason why the GSC does articulated work with the Galapagos National Park, The Galapagos Regional Government Council, the Municipality of Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, the Charles Darwin Station, and many others, with whom it collaborates. More importantly, however, is the direct interaction with the community, through guides associations, fishermen, parents, etc., who provide feedback to the education and research processes.

Volunteer opportunities:

If you wish to do volunteer in Galapagos, please contact our Facility and Outreach Coordinator.